I pointed the lyrics out because it seemed that we were skirting an issue which most did not seem to understand and which should be dropped. Instead, it is being belabored.

Men and boys from minorities both performed menial tasks. And I remember my first visit to Atlanta GA from Pittsburg PA and seeing segregated fountains and rest rooms. I was "rescued" from using the wrong room by a kindly old shoe shine man, next to the door of the "Black Only" mens room. He said "you don't want to go in there, use that one over there" and he pointed for me..

So, shoot me down for being sensitive.

I did read Huck Finn, and have copies of most of Twain. I read them through as a teen and saw people, not skin color even then, so I didn't and don't judge the books.

I might add that in the 50s, my selection of friends crossed lines of race and faith, and because my parents were old fashioned, some were banned from visiting our home.

So, I'm sorry if I made anyone angry for my being sensitive. Most of the stories behind my reactions are better left unsaid here.