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Hi, I'm new to the forum, also own a Mamiya C220 and a C330f, after the presentation I tell you that I have intended to repair the C330f on my own browsing this forum and I see the friend PeterB has the service manual of this camera, which I do not find her anywhere.
As I do not know which way I PeterB address reopened this post with the intention of bringing you the message if you will kindly have fun by e-mail to my mail.
Again I am new to the forum and am a little lost. If this is not the proper procedure apologize.
Greetings to all.
Welcome to APUG ricangel.

If you want to contact PeterB (or anyone else here on APUG) just click on their name beside one of their posts.

You should see a number of options come up, including "Send a Private Message" and possibly "Send email".

"Private Messaging" is often referred to as "PM"ing.

Click on the option you want to use, and send your message.

If you are asking for a scan of a manual, it is best to send an email address, because it is difficult to send large attachments using the Private Messaging function.