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I still can stop when the fun vanishes.
But that term GAS has not been invented for nothing...

I'd stopped but had to re-start as my wife was pinching cameras I wanted to use (in the UK) to put on display in our apartment in Turkey. The upside was I only paid peanuts (typically 2/$3.10) to replace the recent ones, and I think I've already posted about the bargainRollieflex Automat.

These days I buy at flea markets and camera fairs and only buy when the price is right. Typically a body here @ 2, a lens there at 10 and then I have a camera worth at least 40, or a 2 camera that sells for $70 in the US

The only vice recently has been the5 or 6 British SLRs I've acquired in the last 6 maybe 9 months (all inexpensive) , I don't mean 35mm all pre-WWII one 6x9 made 1929 the rest are larger formats, but then I specialise in restoring Thornton Pickard shutters and supply shutter curtain material to leading US restorers. Somehow I recieved a Compact Reflex Graflex as well - from Paris (France not one of the many in the US).