Any of the cameras you listed will work fine, assuming you can locate a good example in your price range. Most of the responses will be biased somewhat by brand loyalty and by what people have used off that list.

I do think that the suggestion to find some examples and handle them before you make your choice is a good one. Nikon makes great cameras but I personally have never been able to warm to Nikon because I do not like them as well as Pentax when I work with them.

After handling them the other thing you need to think about is lens selection. Every single one of the ones you listed make a good normal lens. But after that there will certainly be differences. What types of pictures do you like to take and what field of view do you like? Check the lens reviews for those you may be partial to and get some idea of how well they do their job, ergonomically as well as optically. By that time you will have narrowed things down to where you can probably make an informed choice that you won't regret later.