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Aaah. I was just going to suggest it was probably cheaper to get that part fabricated from maple than from aluminum (and wind up looking better, too).
That was my guess also. A block of Maple with a hole drilled in just smaller than the outside dimension of the hexagon. Cut in half, then clamped tightly to impress the correct position of the points of the hex on the inner surface of the drilled hole. A little work with a chisel to reinforce those grooves, then drill four holes in the block for screws and wingnuts to tighten the block to the rail. A brass 1/4-20 insert inserted into a hole drilled in the bottom, you would have a nice looking reliable base for your Grover. I have thought about doing the same with my 5x7 Grover as the standard base adds about 2 inches to the height of the camera and I have had to make a plate adapter for the head of my 4x5 tripod (And all sitting on a 1/4-20 brass head mount screw for the tripod.

BTW, I now have a scond 5x7 Grover without the rail or the mount. I am thinking of a hardwood base with t-slides (a woodworkers fixture making product) to allow for lateral movement for this camera. What do you think?

tim in san jose