have not been able to find a Nuarc UV plate burner in my area yet, but still looking…

I know some people have built UV light boxes (i.e. UV exposure units)
using a variety of different UV bulbs (aquarium lights etc)

it occurred to me that I could try making such a light box using the bulbs from a UV water purification system
these bulbs are typically changed once a year and the local maintenance fellow can supply me with the discarded bulbs
at no cost
the challenge now is figuring out how to light up the bulb using a cheap ballast

the water UV purification installation uses a ballast for a single bulb that looks similar from the outside to the ballast
you would find in a typical fluorescent light bulb
unfortunately aside from the bulb wattage (39Watts) there are not markings to indicate how they differ
it would be prohibitively expensive to purchase new ballasts made for these bulbs for this purpose
they are $250 each

what I thought might work would be to "repurpose" the ballast from a normal fluorescent fixture
and try it with one of these bulbs. The connections are different but I think can be "jury rigged" to be made to work.

I plan to try and experiment and hook up one bulb to see if it will work

if the experiment works
I would make the box using 6 or 8 bulbs side by side
and the try to figure out how many ballasts I might need
through a trial and error process

obviously I would be careful to shield myself from the UV light
because I expect these bulbs throw off more UV light than other bulbs
they are in an enclosed housing when used in the filtration system

has any one tried this or have any words of advice?