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How important are:
  1. Aperture priority auto exposure
  2. Battery dependance
  3. Viewfinder options
  4. Lens cost/selection

1. I don't really trust, better manual, but can help sometimes.
2. I prefer without any depenence
3. No preference
4. High quality primes.

Thank for all of you for the help. Some of you mentioned Medium Format. It's good to know that I have future plans for Medium Format (Mamiya RZ67 II or Contax 645 maybe Hasselblad), but for now I would like to improve my knownledge on 35mm.
Do you think it's better to jump right to Medium Format?
Which of these 35mm has better lens coverage and quality at a reasonable price?
Again the size and weight of a camera is not important for me, the quality of the machine and my knowledge has a higher priority.