I asked Laura Campbell if it would be okay to post this here. She is starting a Non profit and needs our help to keep analogue photography alive. This is a worthy cause people. Let us support Laura just as we did for Bill Schwab so we can have something on the west coast to have photographers come and work. Please read the post that I am linking and I hope that Sean will send this out to the forum members just as he did for Bill via a personal e-mail asking for support. I am helping in whatever way I can by donating money and my time teaching when necessary. Thanks everyone.


ESC4P Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Click here to visit the ESC4P Indiegogo Campaign

We’re ready to get going and with your help we’ll soon be able to implement some of our big plans. We’ve kicked off our first fundraising campaign expressly to fund our floating-platform artist-in-residence program.

We want to provide one week sessions in the artist’s choice of either Lone Pine, CA, or Jerome AZ. To make the program available to the largest number of photographers, we will be offering one residency with a stipend to offset the artist’s expenses and one scholarship residency with stipend and paid lodging.

We anticipate high interest in the program not only because of the photogenic locations but because the participants will have their work published in View Camera Magazine.

But we haven’t forgotten our donors. There is a variety of perks that we are offering to sweeten the deal for you when you donate: t-shirts, prints, hats, workshops, magazine subscriptions, and more.

And in the future we will be offering more programs to promote the continued use of the large format camera.

We're out to support large format photography and the artists who produce it. Show your passion by making a donation and scoring some awesome perks. Check out our campaign: ESC4P Indiegogo Campaign

Thank you for your support!

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Eastern Sierra Center for Photography is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Eastern Sierra Center for Photography must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Eastern Sierra Center for Photography (ESC4P)
A soon-to-be 501(c)3 dedicated to large format photography