The reason I am asking is not to start another debate of Digital vs Analog , but more like a conversation about who has different processes that can render quality rivaling Digital and what are those processes ?. I am not talking about who takes better pictures or the artistic side, but to the technical quality of the final print. I know format larger than 35mm is preferred.

Here is why I ask; mostly out of curiosity to learn. I have been doing Digital photography for a few years but recently only for a few months (out of hubby reasons) I decided to give traditional full analog a try. My Analog process (very basic home based) cannot come close to the quality of my own Canon 5D-II digital prints (I shoot 35mm using same lenses, and print RA-4 with Beseler CXII dichro head at room temp. I am using Fuji paper PIII frozen and good, and Type II) .

Thanks for any insight on the subject.