hello everyone.

i just joined today. a little about myself: back in the mid to late 90's i was a semi pro photographer. i shot canon 35mm and a mamiya 7 with a full compliment of lenses. my genera is mostly landscapes and environmental portraiture. i lost all my camera equipment when my house flooded during hurricane ike in 2008. since this time i have been pretty much SOL as far as quality equipment is concerned.

for my birthday this year, my wife purchased a wista sp technical field camera used off ebay. i have been slowly buying lenses and accessories off the same web site. other than the camera, i now have a really nice rodenstock 65mm f5.6, a nice vintage schneider 270mm f5.5 and a sinar zoom vario 6x4.5-12 roll film back.

my main reason for joining this forum was because i was hoping to find another outlet to buy used equipment to compliment my kit.

i have been looking though the classified forums but at this point, i suppose because i am a noob, i am not allowed to post there yet. not a lot there for wista as far as i can tell.

other than ebay, does anyone have ideas where i can find good deals on used wista accessories? specifically, i am looking for a bag bellows, the recessed lens board that is open around the edges, a prism style viewfinder(preferably the collapsible one) and a lens in the 90 to 100mm f5.6 range. something with a good amount of coverage so i can utilize the camera's movements.

anyway, hello to everyone. any input would really be appreciated.