Ingredients p-aminophnenol/sulfite are a curiosity from history.

First I made some clear PaRodinal:

20ml 10% hydrochloric acid was added to 50ml clear PaRodinal,giving a precipitate (p-aminophenol) which was allowed to settle 24hrs,the clear liquid decanted and the precipitate filtered off,being left overnight for the liquid to soak through the filter paper.
48g sodium sulfite was dissolved in 600ml water(=80g/L sulfite).The filter paper and contents were soaked in this solution,the precipitate soon dissolved at room temperature.

HP5+ was developed 20m 20C in this solution,I call it PRS-1 (PaRodinal Solvent),see attachment (a 0.1 in square section of negative),this is from EI=320.
For comparison I don't have HP5 in Xtol so give Tri-X in Xtol at EI=400.

Evidently p-aminophenol/sulfite works but more work woul be needed to see if it is possible to make a developer giving as fine grain as metol/sulfite.
Thanks for comment.