Hey PittP,
yup, I'm LOVING the GX system thus far. No qualms whatsoever. Despite the bulk, its actually a relatively easy camera to handhold. Ya, it ain't no HB in terms of size or weight, but I can HANDHOLD a pretty good 1/15 wide open shot w/o much movement present in the enlargement/scan. Its bulk acts as a "ballast" of sorts, especially if using the WLF and neck strap. Tucked into the body, it can provide a nice easy-to-handle system!

I called a local repair shop here in LA(Steve's Camera Repair, spoke with Mike(thanks again Mike, if you read this!) and he offered to help. Well the short of it: there are (3) screws UNDER the small "clip" plate in the hotshoe itself. I took some photos, and here's a short "DIY" fix it if you encounter the same problem