i have been playing around with reversing pan-f using ilford bromophen and a permanganate/sodium bisulfate (pH decreaser from pool stores). i once tried reversing pan-f and upon re-exposure under an enlarger following the clearing bath the emulsion kind of slid off the base and floated nonchalantly in the tray of water i had the film in. johnielvis, is this a product of the unstable permanganate bleach i was using or that i was using a paper developer instead of a high-contrast film developer, which d-19 is?

as for the OP, my junior experiments indicate that you can only go so far with the 'right' recipe for a given film - you simply have to experiment, experiment and experiment some more. as a starting point the guy in this thread from some time ago http://www.apug.org/forums/forum228/...process-4.html is getting some good results based on scans of his film.