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I wouldn't suggest that. Soft working developers and/or reduced agitation can make the film shoulder earlier. That's exactly what Peter doesn't want.

Edit: this is a response to post #23.

I was trying to reduce effective film speed not rescue a 4 stop overexposure with mathematics and theory
I'm beginning to wonder if there is any roll of film
losing film speed would be my first action before heading into all this graphing of whatever you're doing
if you use xtol at 400 you can use 250 with rodinal
add in restrainer and you could use 200
maybe add in enough and you could have a film speed drop from 400 to 100
more? don't know. At some point you wouldn't develop that latent image at all or so I've read

with that much restrainer you'd likely have to reduce development to tame the contrast from its addition

drop film speed enough and print on azo or alternative process

I'll include a pic of 3 4x5 negatives taken on badly fogged film. I was trying to reduce fog through restrainers
all exposed at ASA10 in Rodinal 1:20
upper neg had some restrainer
right neg had more
left had even more

as you can see the fog nearly disappeared and it seems the effective film speed was dropped probably from 40-50 at foggiest/most dense to about what I shot it at 10

i'll take a quick pic of the straight print using no filter "Grade 2"
detail from slightly smaller than 20x24 print