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Is there a website address to bid at?

I live in the USA, though George W. Bush is doing his best to make it some godforsaken corner of the earth.
Yes, ye brother of the godforsaken, there is a website, it's in Dutch, I don't know if it babelfishes. It's called http://www.marktplaats.nl -> go to the section 'foto/toestellen/dia' and then onwards to the section 'diaprojectoren'. FeeBay bought this website last year, so there are some improvements made over the original design, but it's still incredibly primitive compared to its new mommy. Some people post images, some don't. Type in the zoek = search field of the diaprojectorensection 6x6 or Liesegang, Noris or Kindermann and up they come.

Bidding is non-committal, unlike eBay, and people advertising there are under no obligation to sell you what they're advertising, nor are you under any obligation to buy what you're bidding on. It's a kind of 'mad max' version of eBay - sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you get hit.

If you're unsuccesful, send me a pm. I'll help you from there on.

Cheers, Norm