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So that I can understand what I'm looking into, what makes the Pacemaker better than the Anni models, other than age/condition?

And am I correct that the Crowns don't have FP's?
Crown/Century models don't have the FPS, correct. Century is 2x3 only, I think.

Pacemaker model will have front tilt and simplified shutter speeds where the Anni will have the full 1/10th to 1/1000th FPS and no tilt. I have successfully used a later Pacemaker front standard on my Anniversary model to get front tilt, using the Anniversary lens-board securing plate, Anniversary lens boards, and Anniversary bellows. I had to use a mish-mash of hardware, and the Pacemaker standard doesn't mesh well aesthetically with my war-time black Anni but it's a user not a collector piece.