Just out of interest,I know there was a formula for Rodinal that got "liberated" in 1945.Do you know if yet earlier versions of Rodinal were the same or was it different at first?Was there ever a version comprising only p-aminophenol and sulfite?
I would guess the formula you quote must be slow acting as Rodinal 1:100 at its natural high pH takes about 20min to develop a film.Perhaps that is why that formula you quote is not well known.
IDK why p-aminophenol was abandoned in favor of Metol.It was about 120 years ago, the information may be lost.
A good idea of yours to try to speed up development with ascorbate.I could try using the p-aminophenol made from 50ml PaRodinal (=3g original paracetamol/tylenol) to replace the phenidone in Pattons E-76.