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Just out of interest,I know there was a formula for Rodinal that got "liberated" in 1945.Do you know if yet earlier versions of Rodinal were the same or was it different at first?Was there ever a version comprising only p-aminophenol and sulfite?
I would guess the formula you quote must be slow acting as Rodinal 1:100 at its natural high pH takes about 20min to develop a film.Perhaps that is why that formula you quote is not well known.
Rodinals formulation has undoubtedly changed since its first introduction. So there have probably been variations before the 1945 formula.

Remember that the developing times are 20% shorter with added sulfite so that 20 min becomes 16 min. With the high salt concentration there is no reason that higher developing temperatures cannot be used. Or for that matter a higher concentration say 1+49. There are lots of variations possible. Both Rodinal and sodium sulfite are cheap enough to use in a one-shot developer. I used this method years ago and it worked very well. Finer grain and beautiful prints.