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Nicholai is ready to receive. I'm not sure when I will be able to get to the post office, but certainly no later than coming Saturday the Stylus will be on the road again. How's that in furlongs per forthnight compared to the Leica?
Dear Jacco,

Glad to hear from you and the Stylus !

From NYC, until Breda, the Stylus traveled along 7012 Km. I should correct my previous calculation, since, in I mistakenly supposed (don't know why !) that Sile lives in Cork , but she's actualy in Wicklow, so the supplementary distance. From now, it was posted 66 days ago, so the speed is 106km/day, or a whooping 7400 furlongs/fortnight

Leica : if supposed to be still in Los Gatos (and not heading to an hidden location in Bahamas islands), it was posted now 163 days ago, and with a crude estimation of distance, speed is :
2293 furlongs/fortnight

Keep moving !