"Everything has its place in time."

So very, very true.

I can vouch for the build and quality of the digital Hasselblads (not to everybody's taste, I know, and I squirmed when I saw it, bristling with technology that I happily get on without with my Pentax!), but not for their $45,000 price tag. One of these heavy hitters was observed here in outback Australia on a shoot, excelling at night sky and star trail photography. I may seek out a 503CW to play with. I do like the 6x6 format (universally used in my pinhole camera) and no doubt the second-hand market prices for the V-series will drop over time. We can be assured that those not holding a V-series in perpetuity, if not actually using it, will keep the Hasselblad marque alive in the analogue spectrum for a good while yet, but using one with film is the best thing of all.