Travelwide: $99 (or you could always go a real Graflex or Toyo or whatever Fieldcam body with a lot more movements for a lot more weight and probably a bit more money)
Super Angulon 65mm f/8: $200-300 (or 90mm f/8 $150-250)
Graflex 23 6x9 120-film back: $50
Lightmeter: $100 (for a cheapish one, if you don't have one already)

All I'm waiting on is the body (hopefully here before xmas) then I can go shoot me some nice wide landscapes...

Or a P67 with 45mm lens, if you can find one without the problems mentioned in previous posts. Handles a lot more like a 35mm, but from my limited experiences with them P67s are *heavy* beasts (hell, I don't even like lugging my Kiev60 tank around too much, and P67 are heavier than them)