I thought the point of the "made simple" part of the article was to mix it as a 1-shot rather than following the directions on the bottle for making up "stock" and then diluting again. Like everyone here, I use a 10ml syringe, mine came from a pet store, for giving medicine. My tank for 35 mm is 240ml and I use 6ml syrup to make dilution "d". For 120, my tank is 480ml and I use 10ml to make dilution "e". For stand and semi-stand I also use dilution "m" ( for "Mike" who is Blia100 over at flickr ) which is 1:250, or for me 2ml syrup and 480ml water ( and yes it does develop after an hour even though the "common wisdom" is that 6ml is the minimal required... )

1 more thing, I do see value in sticking to one dilution, at least for each film type. It's taken a while to dial in my favorite times for each of these. If I started using a different dilution, I'd have to start that process over again!