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Thanks for the thoughts so far, I'm at work and will have to look up all those cameras online after I get off. I've thought of going the 4x5 route too, but involves a lot more fussing between shots, doesn't it? I mean, I took my time with 35mm on a tripod and mirror lock up, cable release, etc - but isn't the LF world just an entire different beast? Hmmm...I wonder if I could get into that. I was thinking Adox CMS 20 on a 6x7 would be about perfect, but yeah...on a 4x5 sheet that would be just insane quality!

I'm not so worried about weight, but bulk is a bit of an issue if I want to hike with it. Has to fit in a pack some how. I'll have to see how all these compare I guess. Thanks!
A big thing about large format is that you can tilt your lens and change your plane of focus so you get everything sharp in your landscape photographs. Yes, it does take a little longer to set up a view camera but most people (including me) feel that the extra time spent creates more "keepers" at the end of the day. Yes, a 4X5 folding field camera will easily fit into a backpack with plenty of room to spare. A lot of photographers hike with them.

If you are interested in large format then check out the home page on the Large Format Photography Forum for a wealth of free information.