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It's paper, so it shouldn't be IR sensitive. Ditch the safelight try the video with a camcorder in "nightshot" mode. No fogging worries since the paper is at best blue-green sensitive.

Not sure if it will work or not due to the print being wet - doesn't water absorb some IR? Oh well if you already have a camcorder that can do this, you lose nothing but your time.

Other option: Develop and fix the print as normal, wash it, then use a ferricyanide bleach on it. Rewash, then redevelop with the lights on while you take your video.
I have often thought that this would work, but keep on hitting the stumbling block of 'if it did work, why is no-one doing it'.

I would like to hear if anyone has actually tried either video via IR light or even using night vision glasses in the dark room.