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I think the merits of the Bronica SQ are greatly exaggerated. The 80mm PS lens is superb in B&W but every other lens I found lackluster, especially for color photography. The color rendition looks very dated to me, similar to what cheap off-brand DSLR lenses look like today. The 180mm PS lens was the second best among the ones I tested (PS50, PS65, PS80, S105, PS150, PS180, PS250)...
My experiences exactly with the PS lenses. The high resolution I prefer and fine microdetail just isn't there. The most recent Mamiya RB and RZ lenses are in another league than the Bronica PS series. (That extra 20 to 30 lp/ml of resolution with the mamiya lenses over the Bronica PS series is noticeable when you do your own printing.)

I swithched and haven't looked back.