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Actual professionals are just that- they make their living through photography. Many people claim to be professionals, but are not.
There is certainly a professional market. It takes more skill and savvy than ever to do well, as outlets like stock are so much less lucrative. It takes as much lighting skill as it ever did to make a product look good, and it's harder than ever to make an image stand out. Companies are not entrusting the image of their product or company to someone with a cellphone camera, or someone who just got a DSLR and is claiming to be a pro.

That sums up the situation exactly.
I have great respect for professionals whether they are working in analogue (not very common) or digital. It's bloody hard work and the competition to be just that much better is ferocious. Good on them for affording whatever tool does the job name loyalty is nothing unless it is proven. But don't ever knock them, or their equipment. Or digital. It will one day in the future undetermined be all that we have.