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Looking good! Which kit are you using? Those dark blues and overall contrast look great!
No kit, I have sourced everything myself, here is a list of things:

Chemicals - ProcessUK in London, cost around 25 for the chemicals, I have used around 10% of 1 chemical but made enough for 50 8x10s lol so 25 is good for 500 8x10s!
Used a cheap jewlery scale to measure the chemicals, brushed on using a cheap 'art wash brush' to some basic cold press water colour paper (I think it was something like 16 for 100 A4 sheets)
'Contact frame' - Poundland box frame which has 2 bits of glass which sandwich in the middle, don't have anything larger yet, just wanted to try 1/4 A4 sheets
UV source - Phillips face tanner (its a bit too overcast at the moment)
Negatives - simply printed on plain paper and oiled to be more transparent, kinda like waxing paper but quicker and much cheaper than inkjet transparencies!

Exposure time of around 40 minutes within around 3", developed in water and normal bleach then washed in tap water.

The image taken is of a building next to Euston station, I took it on my D3100, tweeked it in lightroom, then inverted it, printed it, oiled it, exposed it, developed it, dryed it lol

I also find it quite ironic that I have made a cyanotype of a building considering that a the word 'blueprint' is from the cyanotype process used on building drawings lol

What I am impressed with is the level of details in the mid-tones, you can also see that the above Cyanotype isn't 100% covered correctly as I think it was one of my initial coating attempts, but its fine as I don't like things to be perfect, the look of tintype got me into photography but its a bit too dangerous chemical wise for it to be easy. Cyanotypes are great as they are simple to do and unlike silver based processes, you are ok to work under normal light lol

Here is the original image I took and converted as a reference: