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This is interesting. Can you explain how you oiled the paper and the materials you used to do this?


Print off image onto plain paper
Put a drop of oil on the worktop
Smooth oil around on worktop to give even coat
Drop image onto oil
Allow to soak into the paper
Press down or move oil onto anywhere on the image that doesn't darken
Dry excess off
Hold up to light to check

The paper seems to turn into the same sort of texture as tracing paper, it won't be as good as if you had a transparency so you would need to notch up the exposure slightly but if you just pay attention to the colour the paper is going - ie going from a bright green to a darker green then you should be able to judge. I think that due to the fact that its blocking light its a bit harder to overexpose the image due to the longer exposure time - I gues kinda like stopping a lens down.

I have another exposing at the moment so will see how that comes out.