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Can I ask a silly question, I've never considered making my own emulsion to coat plates, film, paper, etc., but why does it seem that the workshops I have seen that create materials create types that are not often avail (eg a bromide only paper, which I believe is only made in matte by Slavich, AZO which only one company sells, or a slow ISO film 25 or so - which is not even made anymore, I think)? See my point? It's like these workshops teach how to make materials that are limited or impossible to get!

Disclosure - I'm a fan of slooooowwwww film and bromide paper! Why's it seem the few places making this kind of great goods is at these kind of workshops?! I think you all are drawing me in

Would love to make a tips to Rochester to see where it all began ( in the states at least)

if you go to thelightfarm.com
look under formulas
there is a very simple sea water emulsion
that the maker uses to coat plates
and it only has a few ingredients ..
no crazy chemicals, just silver nitrate
seawater/ salt+water and gelatin ( from what i remember )
salt prints were just saltwater and silver nitrate too, so this is just
a little different ... if a 20year old college student with NO EXPERIENCE
and a booklet from 1904 could do something like his at 2-3am ( in the 1980s )
i think it would be a piece of cake for you

have fun with your experiments!