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Since I'm new to MF and LF photography, is there any advantage of a 2X3 (inch) press camera over a 4X5? ... Kind of seems to me that once you factor in the hassle of loading sheets, the size/weight etc, of that type of camera, you might as well spring for the 4X5 and have a much larger negative to boot?
If you're using it as a hand-held press camera, e.g., focusing via a rangefinder or even estimating the focus, you can keep a 120 film back attached and avoid the hassle of loading sheets and you have a much smaller kit to carry. 120 film is pretty convenient to use, compared to sheets. If on the other hand you're always using it like a field or view camera, e.g. on a tripod and focusing via the ground glass, then you may as well use the larger camera.