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if you go to thelightfarm.com
look under formulas
there is a very simple sea water emulsion
that the maker uses to coat plates
and it only has a few ingredients ..
no crazy chemicals, just silver nitrate
seawater/ salt+water and gelatin ( from what i remember )
salt prints were just saltwater and silver nitrate too, so this is just
a little different ... if a 20year old college student with NO EXPERIENCE
and a booklet from 1904 could do something like his at 2-3am ( in the 1980s )
i think it would be a piece of cake for you

have fun with your experiments!
Thanks J! Though my interest in photography is deep, but not at this point in the realm of coating due to other commitments, I'm just wondering why we've folks like me crying for the loss of APX 25 and Efke 25, but no one is making an artistian home brew for folks like me who'd buy a roll or two of 35mm/120 to play around with to 1) support home made goods, 2) a gap in our market? But maybe my query is self answered, Efke 25/APX 25 went under bc no one bought enough....