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Don't have a sample of a picture taken with that lens do you? I don't know much about large format and don't know how to judge the lenses. I'd love to find something that gives results with that 'old-fashioned magic.' Thanks

I got the camera late last year, and didn't have a chance to get out before it got too cold. I have some medical problems (selling off gear to pay those bills) that kept me out of the field, so I do not have any shots with that lens.

Since that particular lens was on the camera when I got it, I have to assume the previous photographer had some success with it. The 4" x 5" reducing back was a recent addition by me; it's not original to the camera. I had parts to another camera, and modified them to fit this one.

Honestly, I didn't expect someone would use the installed lens/shutter combo, given their age. That's not to say they won't work; it's just that there are newer, better combos out there that should provide greater coverage, etc. However, you just might get that "old-fashioned magic" with this set!