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If you're using it as a hand-held press camera, e.g., focusing via a rangefinder or even estimating the focus, you can keep a 120 film back attached and avoid the hassle of loading sheets and you have a much smaller kit to carry. 120 film is pretty convenient to use, compared to sheets. If on the other hand you're always using it like a field or view camera, e.g. on a tripod and focusing via the ground glass, then you may as well use the larger camera.
I dunno. As I said, I've used 2x3 Graphics for decades. I've had a 2x3 Cambo SC for a while, recently got a 4x5 Cambo SC to shoot 6x12. A 2x3 Graphic is smaller and lighter than a 2x3 Cambo, which is smaller and lighter than a hybrid Cambo (2x3 front standard, 4x5 rear) for shooting 6x12, which is smaller and lighter than a 4x5 Cambo.

People don't talk much about viewers, but the Cambo SF-320 in-line viewing hood fits a 2x3 Graphic Graflok back and makes the camera much easier to use on tripod.