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I absolutely believe if Hasselblad had put more into advertising and less in R & D of copycat digital junk, they'd be selling 500 series cameras by the thousands.
To who?!

As has been stated numerous times there are TONS of Hasselblad V series cameras on the used market. Who is going to pay thousands of dollars more than the going price just to get a new one? It's a camera not a car. The whole point of the camera is to be simple and reliable. A well cared for Hasselblad that gets a CLA will give you years of flawless service. All of that can be had for a fraction of the price of a new Hasselblad.

Face it the high end photography world is driven by professionals. If professionals with their tax write offs aren't buying the equipment on a regular basis the new market dies. I don't know a single person who owns a Hasselblad or any medium format camera for that matter... let alone a new one. I know plenty of people who make six figures and they don't say to themselves, let's shoot film this weekend. And the Lomo crowd ain't buyin' Hasselblads.