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Thanks J! Though my interest in photography is deep, but not at this point in the realm of coating due to other commitments, I'm just wondering why we've folks like me crying for the loss of APX 25 and Efke 25, but no one is making an artistian home brew for folks like me who'd buy a roll or two of 35mm/120 to play around with to 1) support home made goods, 2) a gap in our market? But maybe my query is self answered, Efke 25/APX 25 went under bc no one bought enough....
hey andy

i have lack of time too ... so i get my emulsions bottled. it is what happened with me in college .. It was fun to know i could make it in a pinch, but in the end grabbing a bottle ended up being easier .. i would rather eat plain vanila ice cream instead of fancy-stuff too ... coating is just a matter of melting and usunf a brush to paint it on and letting it drt (.paper at least glass is a bit more involved ) ... its not as hardcore as one might think.

have fun!