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I used to commute in LA, that place nearly killed me, I left 19 years ago. My commute for the past 15 years has been non-existant living in a tiny mountain town. I may not have the 2,500 square foot house with the basement darkroom and white picket fence, but I can walk out the front door right now and within a 5 minute walk, be at the edge of thousands of miles of pure wilderness.

I'll never understand the idea of spending a lot of one's life chasing material objects and jobs only to sit in horrible traffic in a concrete jungle for the rest of one's life....looking forward to retirement...
What do you do for work?! It's tough to find neurosurgery jobs in the middle of nowhere. What does your wife do? Multiple women I have dated have been high level executives at companies. When the topic of long term plans came up it was an issue. Our career prospects didn't always line up geographically. All of us went to school for a long time and invested in our careers. We want to provide for potential children. Even moving to the fourth or fifth largest city in America would compromise some people's careers. It's a tough economy. People have to do what they have to do. I'm not going to ask a woman to abandon her education, career, world travel, and $150+K/yr just because I like to walk down country trails every once in awhile. And I'm not going to tell junior he can't go to Harvard because daddy doesn't like to sit in traffic.