I have now dialed the exposure in a bit, I have printed around 7 or 8 now, seems that if the image is properly exposed ie equal tones of black and white 20 minutes is about correct, if there is a lot of lights less is needed otherwise it overexposes a bit and you lose some details.

I have just created a really nice print, 20 minute exposure time with really clear detail, it seems that if you soak the paper in oil for a bit longer so its saturates and then wipe off and dry for a bit it creates a really nice (cheap) negative to use. There are a few spots here and there on the image, this is probably due to a tiny bit of contamination, I will probably get some transparencies soon as those will give a sharper print, however I am quite impressed with the sharpness of the print I have just got.

I am currently just printing on 1/4 A4 size but I have just coated some 1/2 A4 size pieces and just gone and bought an A4 clip frame so might try a larger print tonight of a landscape or something, I do like the smaller 1/4 A4 prints though, kinda like a Polaroid Cyanotype

I also own most other camera formats from half frame all the way up to a 5x4 Speed graphic, I know that in-camera cyanotypes have been done but the exposure is measured in hours, I think tomorrow (as long as its not wet) I will set up my speed graphic and load a cyanotype in and simply hold the shutter open for a few hours exposure. The main issue someone else found with this was the sun physically burning through the paper and the holder lol so I will find somewhere away from the sun but still bright and try and exposure tomorrow.