Why are you trying to focus at infinity when your target is only 10m?? It will be out of focus no matter what.

Your viewfinder is not set at the proper height. There are 4 adjustment screws underneath the ground glass that you can use to set it correctly. Use another ground glass or tracing paper at the film plane with the film back on the camera, open the shutter and focus to infinity - as in something at least 100m away. Make sure that the image is in focus at the film plane first, then drop the mirror and check focus in the viewfinder using a loupe or the magnifier. Adjust as needed. Test all your lenses at different focus points after infinity is set. Focus errors at close distances with the 180 are more critical than far distances with the 50. I noticed my RB was focusing about 6 inches in front of my subject so I had to do this. Once done, everything looked as it should with every lens.