Other then the chemicals and a scale that will measure in grams not much more is required. Perhaps an extra storage bottle since the Pyrocat is mixed in two parts which are combined prior to processing film. It is extremely economical to use.
For those who have not tried a pyro based formulation, I began using ABC Pyro when I started contact printing Azo. Since then I have switched to Pyrocat HD (for eveness of development and greater high value separation). Now, when I print an older 4X5 Tri X negative that has been developed in HC 110 I can visually tell the difference between it and a TriX negative developed in ABC Pyro...not in the negative, but rather in the print. I can tell the difference not only at a 16X20 enlargement but also at a 5X7 enlargement. I can tell the difference in sharpness and tonal separation. If it weren't better I wouldn't use it.