The B-8 has been my favorite enlarger for the last 20 years. One reason may be because mine came with the Omega cold light head, sometimes called the flying saucer head, because it sort of looks like one. The only thing I don't like so much is the fact that to use multiple lens focal lengths, you have to have the the right size lens board cones to use them. They can usually be found on ebay or other sites. Once you have the right lens board for each lens it's really simple to change lenses as they just slide right in. These are really built sturdy, and work well on the base board or as I did, mounted on a raised platform and secured to the wall. I've also got the D-2 enlarger with the cold light head and the condenser head. These are not modern enlargers, but are well made and will last a long time. And any repair parts are usually available as there were so many made. Good luck, and have fun.