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Most writers freely admit that they have not make the emulsions that they publish. They just copied it from somewhere. And, almost all of those in books are wrong due to omission or comission. Grant Haist published a formula in V2 of his book set and told me that it was heavily edited by the Kodak editors.


while much of what PE said is true, if you go to thelightfarm you will see emulsions that people (WROTE AND ) MADE and USED ( including the OP ).
the emulsion i made 25 + years ago was made from a photographic book published for people who wanted to make and use
emulsions ... i dont' remember which one it was, but it was easy ( just a few ingredients ) the publishers didn't make up-stuff and it worked fine ... i haven't made the ones that are in the back of silver gelatin ( the liquid emulsion book )
and i haven't made the ones at the light farm, but the aj-12 emulsion published in the (apug's ) articles section is one that a lot of people have made and used.
its not all smoke an mirrors as some would suggest ...

i must admit it would be very nice to take a workshop with today's master-chefs ... it would be easy to see what it is supposed to be like instead
of a blind guess ..

have fun!