Hey everyone,

Thought I'd introduce myself seen as I'm new here!

My name is Lee (As I'm sure you could have guessed from the username) and I am currently in/around Manchester, kind of. I'm studying at the Manchester School Of Art but I'm actually from East Yorkshire. I'm currently studying photography on a pretty fantastic course, it's all (just about) practical based with 80% of final grades being based on my portfolio(s). Some might say it's a waste of time but I'm pretty happy, get access to just about everything I could need (studio, darkroom, cameras, scanners, etc.) and I'm just continually making work!


So, I have an artist website (Yes I would consider myself an artist, laughable to some I'm sure), it's in it's very early stages so I haven't really put anything up yet (I'm still testing the waters). If anyone wants to take a look you'll only get a very basic idea of what my work is about. I work using whatever medium I feel is right, the work up on my site is digital studio stuff but that's only one project because like I said I've only just set it up. Ideas and concepts that my work tends to focus on are generally technology related or hold some connection to the human condition. I show these ideas through photographing objects, all my work is still life based and that's just how I'm happiest working!

Analogue is my love, it frustrates me and I will screw up endless amounts of paper and film. I shoot analogue in my spare time, it always feels fresh and exciting. I find it challenging and that's what I find makes it so much more rewarding when I have shots I'm happy with. I have a 5x4 which I'll take out rarely, I've gravitated away from 35mm, I'm now currently happiest when I have my trusty Bronica S2a in hand.

And that's all I have to say about that.