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The Kodak data sheet (J24) says, when processing in tanks, one litre of dilution B has the capacity to process five 8 x 10 sheets.

The capacity figures quoted above are for tray processing.

One litre of dilution B means includes 30 ml of concentrate, so 6 ml of concentrate have the capacity to process one 8 x 10 sheet.

One 8 x 10 sheet = one 135 - 36 roll = one 120 roll.

So your 6 ml per roll of 120 makes sense.
Matt, I am glad I posted. I have always found that section of the data sheet a little confusing but what you say makes sense. At least I have not been using too little. But what about 4x5? This would mean each 4x5 sheet requires 1/4 as much, or only 1.5 ml per sheet! This is getting close to "development by faith alone." If that is the case, then it will have a big impact on just how much I have to load up the Jobo drums. This is good news.

On the other hand, it now seems like I have enough HC-110 to bequeath to my grandsons. I hope they don't just drink it.