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Matt, I am glad I posted. I have always found that section of the data sheet a little confusing but what you say makes sense. At least I have not been using too little. But what about 4x5? This would mean each 4x5 sheet requires 1/4 as much, or only 1.5 ml per sheet! This is getting close to "development by faith alone." If that is the case, then it will have a big impact on just how much I have to load up the Jobo drums. This is good news.

On the other hand, it now seems like I have enough HC-110 to bequeath to my grandsons. I hope they don't just drink it.
Don't forget, that 1.5 ml of concentrate per sheet means just 48 ml of dilution B per sheet.

For this to be meaningful for developing a single sheet, you need a tank that will ensure even immersion and development flow with just 48 ml of developer - I don't think that such a beast exists.

By necessity, with 4 x 5 film you need to either develop multiple sheets at the same time, or use more than the minimum amount of developer.