I recently got a Fujica AX-3. I hadn't even known that Fuji offered a line of bayonet-mount 35mm SLRs, after their M42 cameras.

The AX-3 seems like a handsome camera, even if it does not possess top-grade specifications (1/60 sync speed, and a top speed of 1/1000.)

I am curious about the lenses. They seem hard to find, but are they worth looking for? Do they possess any particular quality, especially to recommend them against my current stable of Pentax and Nikon manual focus lenses?

I do think that it's strange Fuji would recycle the name of a lens mount -- part of why it's hard to find information about these x-mount lenses is the preponderance of information about Fuji's NEW x-mount lenses.

When my AX-3 sits beside a Canon AE-1 Program, there is a very suspicious resemblance. I wonder if this model was a rebadging effort by Fuji of a Canon platform?

Did any of you use the Fuji system? Any thoughts or memories?