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John, I have read formulas by Baker, Wall, Eder and others as well as copies of formulas from the FIAT and BIOS reports posted here. They all have omissions or errors. True, you can make a functional emulsion from them, but this emulsion is not what they made.

One simple reason is that we cannot buy the gelatin that they did. Another is that they don't usually publish addition times. And if you think that is unimportant, see the graph I posted earlier.

A simple published formula such as AJ-12, published here on APUG cannot be tinkered with unless you know a lot about what you are doing or have some expect backup. This is a Kodak formula, but one that can only be made exactly as written.

Oy! Ron,

Yuh just gotta stop saying stuff like this. People take you seriously and at your word, but they shouldn't. I just can't figure out why you want to make things seem so hard. But, words are only words. For more than words, please go to www.thelightfarm.com . The current homepage image (the big one) is AJ-12, coated as film. I made the recipe in a couple of hours, and I wouldn't have even needed electricity if I'd so chosen. Also, less than $5 for the whole batch of emulsion. The modifications I made were only arithmetic and a little trial and error. If you want to call that experience and expert backup, I guess it would be rude to object. In any case, there is a lot of info on TLF and I'm always only an email away. editor@thelightfarm.com.

For even more info, please start here: http://www.thelightfarm.com/cgi-bin/...tent=05Mar2013.

I am pulling together the next set of web workshops, so stay tuned. Plans are to get through to ASA 100 (summer speed) ortho ("X2Ag") by the end of summer. If anyone doesn't want to wait for more tutorials, there are a lot of proven recipes on The Light Farm.

John: thanks for the support! Much appreciated.