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Looking good. Struggling to hold the highlights, typical of all cyanos unless you specifically develop for them, but overall are looking really quite well.

We must be some of the few souls that like Cyanos!
2 chemicals, add them together, brush on some paper, doesn't matter if the lights are on, expose to UV source for approx times, develop in water and some bleach - very user friendly process

I will look into some toning at some point as well, I have also seen a guide on how to do 2 tone cyanotypes where you tone one layer and not the other, makes a really interesting effect.

What I like about the process, much like tintype, is the fact that each print, although a print, is an original which can't be made exactly the same again. With Tintypes you only get 1 of each image, whereas with Cyanotypes you can get copies but none are identical and you can't change them after they have been exposed other than some toning.

I am just trying out some different times, 20 minutes seem to be about right for a well exposed image (like the barge) but just trying to work out what is best for images that are very light or very dark.

What have other people found work best for exposures? If its a dark image should I expose for longer or shorter? I can't remember which way round as I am printing a negative rather than taking a fresh image lol