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Don't forget, that 1.5 ml of concentrate per sheet means just 48 ml of dilution B per sheet.

For this to be meaningful for developing a single sheet, you need a tank that will ensure even immersion and development flow with just 48 ml of developer - I don't think that such a beast exists.

By necessity, with 4 x 5 film you need to either develop multiple sheets at the same time, or use more than the minimum amount of developer.
Matt, yes, thanks for the reminder. I use dilution F so I can get development times for N minus development up to 4-5 minutes. With the other dilutions, the development time is too short for comfort. What the new numbers mean for me is that I can do more sheets at this high dilution without having to use such a large volume of developer. For single sheets, I still have to use the same amount as for multiple sheets, but this is not a big problem.