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I'm familiar and comfortable with metric, but argue loudly against the US converting. For everyday use I think the American units are just more usable in scale and make a lot of sense. I work mostly in metric in the darkroom but when I see something like 1+31 or 1+15 I instantly switch to US. I don't seem to have any problems using either. But then mental arithmetic is, fortunately, pretty easy for me (annoys my wife who calls me "calculator brain" sometimes.)
The funny part is that our soda is in Liters it's just our milk and gas that's gallons and orange juice that's quarts, it's all screwy lol

Also, I'm pretty math brained except with the US measures system, I can multiply 4 numbers by 4 numbers in my head within 5 minutes while doing something that requires spacial skills (like playing billiards for example) and be correct in my answer. That's an actual genius test that most people cannot do. But I just can't do the US measures lol go figure.

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