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The funny part is that our soda is in Liters it's just our milk and gas that's gallons and orange juice that's quarts, it's all screwy lol

Also, I'm pretty math brained except with the US measures system, I can multiply 4 numbers by 4 numbers in my head within 5 minutes while doing something that requires spacial skills (like playing billiards for example) and be correct in my answer. That's an actual genius test that most people cannot do. But I just can't do the US measures lol go figure.

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I agree it's screwy.

Soda is in liters NOW. I'm old enough to remember when the 2 liter was brand new and explaining to my parents that it was about a half cup more than half a gallon.

Funny (in the sense of "peculiar" not "amusing" but while I'm well enough versed in metric I still find myself converting back to approximate US measures when it comes to visualizing how much of something there is or how big something is. Just a matter of what one grows up with and uses most in formative years I think. I'm sure it could be reversed with enough effort but I haven't cared to do that.

I certainly can't multi task like that. I MIGHT be able to do the multiplication, but only if quiet and undisturbed. My wife thinks it's amazing that I can even add, say, three digit numbers in my head, or get very very close to the final price of a basket of goods at the grocery store (if I've been paying attention as we went along) including sales tax. You're talking about a whole different level of mental math. But the US measures are more a matter of memorization than math. Once you've memorized the units, the math is pretty simple - at least, it's simple for me and should be far simpler for you. It's not AS simple as the powers of 10 in metric, but it's simple enough.